perfume making workshop at childrens event

Bring a smile on those little faces by making them experience the latest activity in town and that is perfume making workshop in Kolkata with Niyor!

Let your little ones nurture their creativity while discovering the fascinating world of fragrances. Our interactive workshop is designed to engage young minds in a fun and educational way. 

Under the guidance of our expert perfumers, children will learn about the art of perfume making, experiment with various scents, and create their very own personalized fragrance to take home. 

perfume children event

It’s a fantastic opportunity for kids to express themselves and dive into the enchanting world of aromas. 

Be it a kid’s birthday party or any other event such as corporate events or so, we have got you covered!

Niyor’s perfume making workshop in Kolkata is the newest sensation which is enough to engross your people into a rare activity. They can make their own fragrances in beautifully conducted workshops by Niyor!

perfume children event
corporate event

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